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Registration Walk-through

Please note that since the date we published this, some of these steps may have changed, but this guide should help you with the registration process.

Step #1

Create your account by adding an email address, username, and a password. Several different clubs and programs share the same web platform (Blue Sombrero/Sports Connect) and many of them share login information. Your Username is the best way to access your WMSC once created, not your email address.

a screen capture of step 1 during registration

Step #2

Click Register My Players

a screen capture of step 2 during registration

Step #3

Add your personal information to complete your account setup.

a screen capture of step 3 during registration

Step #4

Select the number of children you’re registering and add their first name(s).

a screen capture of step 4 during registration

Step #5

Add Your Child’s Information, including an accurate birth date. This is extremely important since the year of their birth determines what programs they are eligible to compete in.

a screen capture of step 5 during registration

Step #6

Select the programs you’re registering for. Important notes:

  • In some cases we have players that play up a year, meaning they play with an older age group. For this reason, you will likely see two options for your child, their birth year and one more. Choose the program for your child’s birth year unless otherwise instructed.
  • You may select more than one program from the list if available. For example, you may decide to register for Premier and Travel programs in the hopes of making a Premier team but indicating your desire to play Travel as a fall back.
  • Click on the “Select” button to choose a program. When selected it will turn gray and the text will change to “Selected”.
  • Click “Selected” again to deselect it.
  • Please note that if there are more programs available than fit on your screen, an arrow will be displayed as you see on the right side of this screen capture. Click that arrow to see additional programs.
a screen capture of step 6 during registration

Step #7

Answer any program-related questions that you are asked. If you selected more than one Program in the step above, there may be multiple versions of the same question you will be asked to answer.

a screen capture of step 7 during registration

Step #8

Unless instructed to by club personnel, please Skip the volunteer Opportunities offered.

Step #9

Review your order and click Continue.

a screen capture of step 9 during registration

Step #10

If you have a Coupon code, please enter it here and click “Apply”. You may also make a donation on this page to support the WMSC soccer program, but this is totally optional. When finished, select “Submit Order”.

a screen capture of step 10 during registration

When you return to your account home page, you should now see your players displayed in the center of your home page with a button indicating if there are any more programs available. There were four available during this demo, we registered for one, so the website shows three remaining options.

a screen capture of a sample portal home page

If registration was completed properly, you will receive an email summary of your transaction.

photo of a WMSC girls travel team

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