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Filling out the Long Valley Waiver Form for WMSC (Travel and Premier only)

As a condition of using the fields in Long Valley (Harrington, Rock Spring Park, or Palmer Park, all participants are required to fill the town's waiver form.

We have provided the following instructions to assist you in properly filling out the form the first time.

Step #1

Click on the pdf form below:

acknowledgement waiver.pdf

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF document on your device, you may proceed to Step #2.  

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, or wish to manually fill out the form, you may alternately print the form, and legibly hand-write all of the information detailed in Steps #7-10.

If you hand-write the form, please scan and save as a PDF document on your device, saved with the same naming convention as in Step #3.

Once complete, you may skip to Step #12.

Step #2

Click download (as indicated by the red arrow) to save a personal copy of this form on your device.


Step #3

A "Save As" dialog window will open, allowing you to save a version of the waiver in a location that you designate on your device.

Please insert your child's uniform number and initials after "acknowledgement_waiver" and before the period ".", and click "Save".

Example:  "acknowledgement_waiver.pdf " can be saved as "acknowledgement_waiver_25_FML.pdf" if your son or daughter is number 25 and their name is First Middle Last.

Step #4

To ensure that you are editing the correct version, please navigate to the folder where you saved your copy of the waiver, and re-open it by double-clicking your copy.


Step #5

Scroll down in the right navigation and select "Fill & Sign", as depicted with the red arrows.

Step #6

Click on the "Fill and Sign" option on the left side of the page under "You", as depicted with the Red Arrow.


Step #7

Scroll down to the top of Page 2, click in the area above the blank line after "I/We", and type the name of your child's parent/guardian(s).



Step #8

Click in the area of the blank line under "I/We am/are the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of:" and type your child's name.

NOTE:  If you have more than one child in the program, please fill out one form for each child.


Step #9

Scroll up to the bottom of page 1, and enter your initials in "Parent/Guardian Initials", and your child's initials in "Participant Initials", as indicated by the red arrows.

IMPORTANT:  This step must be repeated for ALL 4 pages of the document


Step #10

After you have initialed all 4 pages, you should be on Page 4 of 4.  Click in the area above each of the following areas, as depicted with the red arrows, to enter the appropriate information.

  • Type the name of your child's parent/guardian(s) as you did in Step #7 above "Signature of Parent(s)/Guardian(s)", and today's date above the corresponding "Date"
  • Type your child's name as your did in Step #8 above "Signature of Participant", and today's date above the corresponding "Date"


Step #11

Select the "Save" option under the "File" menu, as depicted with the red arrow to save your changes.

NOTE:  If you are on a West Morris Soccer Club team, please proceed to Step 12. 

Otherwise, please contact your coach/team manager for instructions on form collection.

Step #12

Log on to your child's TeamSnap and Select the "Media" option, as depicted with the red arrow.


Step #13

Ensure that "Files" is selected on the far right (it will appear in a darker grey tone), and select the "+Upload New Files" button, as shown with the red arrows.

Step #14

Select the Destination folder "Long Valley Waivers" and select the "Click to Select Files" button, as depicted with the red arrows.

Step #15

In the dialog window, navigate to the location where you saved your child's acknowledgement form and click on the appropriate file, as shown with the first red arrow.

Once selected, the file name will appear in the area depicted by the second red arrow.

You may now click the "Open" button to upload your child's waiver form, as depicted by the 3rd red arrow.

Step #16

Once uploaded, you will return to the Upload Files page.

You will know that you're complete when you see the an icon appear for the uploaded document as circled on the right in red, and when you also see the "Complete" message circled on the left in red.

Step #17

Please additionally print a copy of your child's waiver and bring it to your next practice so that it can be filed with the township.

Thank you for your help and cooperation!

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