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WMSC Travel Polices & Forms 

Player Training:
At no point can a WMSC player train with another WMSC team unless they receive written/email permission from the WMSC VP of Travel and the non-volunteer coaches assigned to each team.  Players who are NOT carded to a WMSC team may NOT train with WMSC teams except with express permission from the WMSC VP of Travel.
Adding a Primary Player/Second-Carding:
In order to ensure quality and fairness across all West Morris Soccer Club Travel teams, the club has implemented the below policy with regard to adding players to team rosters (whether as primary- or second-carded players).
Any team wishing to add a primary or a second-card player to their team MUST adhere to the following BEFORE a player is formally added to the team’s roster: 
  • The assigned professional trainer or the director of our training organization must approve the need for an additional player.
  • The assigned professional trainer or the director of our training organization must evaluate the candidate's skill set and confirm she/he is an appropriate fit for the team.
  • The VP of Travel must approve the player addition, in writing.
  • Upon approval from the VP of Travel all necessary paperwork must be submitted to WMSC's League Contact and then on to the League and to the District Commissioner for final approval.
  • Registration on the club website and payment must be completed prior to the League Contact forwarding to the District Commissioner.Failure to comply with these prerequisites may result in immediate suspension of the parent coach’s coaching card.

Playing Up:
No WMSC player will be allowed to “play-up” to an age level more than ONE year higher than his/her age level as determined by NJYSA rules.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.
Movement of Players Between Teams:

Players will not be permitted to move from one WMSC travel team to another during a current season once they have been rostered/carded to a team, except as secondary players following the above process.  

All players will receive evaluations at the end of the fall season.  If a parent would like to discuss his/her child’s progress they may contact the team’s assigned trainer directly to set up a convenient time to meet.
Secondary Player Fees:

  • If secondary player is primary player on another WMSC team there is no additional fee.
  • If secondary player is primary player on a non-WMSC team and not training with their secondary WMSC team, then 40% of the normal fee.
  • If secondary player is training with their secondary WMSC team, then full price

Attendance will be taken and recorded at all training sessions and games.  The club understands that players will miss the occasional practice or game.  Missing more than 5 combined (unexcused) practice/games in a season may affect the player’s game time and may also affect team placement for the following year.  Should your child be injured/ill such that she/he will miss more than 5 team events, we strongly recommend that you provide your parent coach/manager and the VP of Travel with medical documentation.
WMSC realizes there are extenuating circumstances that may require players to miss more than the allowed 5 team practices/games.  Should these circumstances arise please contact your team's professional trainer and parent coach/manager to discuss.
Payment for all travel teams:
WMSC requires players to commit to a full year of soccer, comprising a Fall and a Spring season, upon acceptance of a spot in the team.

The annual travel fee is divided into 2 equal installments. Payment of the first installment is due at the time a player accepts a roster spot on a WMSC Travel team. Your child's spot on the team is not guaranteed until this payment is made.  This payment is NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE, except for the reasons cited below. The second installment is due by October 15th.

      Refunds will only be issued for the following reasons:

  • Refunds of first installment will be issued (less $50 processing fee) for family relocation and documented injury purposes up until August 15th.
  • Refunds of second installment will be issued (less $50 processing fee) for family relocation and documented injury purposes up until March 15th.
  • No refunds will be issued after these dates.
  • All fees are non-transferable except in the event of documented injury.

Team Formation Process:
Please see separate tab under travel.
Tournament Reimbursement:
The West Morris Soccer Club reimburses WMSC Travel teams for one tournament registration fee per year and for associated Trainer's coverage. Parent coaches / managers should pay the fee directly and then apply for reimbursement by simply emailing a proof of registration and payment to the WMSC VP of Travel and Treasurer ([email protected]). Reimbursement is typically sent as an e-check directly to the requester's email address
WMSC travel soccer policies are set by the WMSC Board of Trustees (the "Board") and/or the WMSC Travel Committee (the "Committee") and may be amended from time to time at the discretion of the Board and/or the Committee. 

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