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Team Formation Process Team Formation Process

The West Morris Soccer Club (WMSC) follows a process for team formation that is intended to fairly evaluate all players. These evaluations are used to ensure each player is placed with the team that best matches both their soccer skill set and understanding of the game. It is common to see year-to-year movement between teams, as players' skills and grasp of tactics develop at different rates.
Data Points:
WMSC's professional training organization, Cheshire Soccer Academy, relies on two data points to perform an overall evaluation of players, as follows:

  • Travel Team Fall Evaluations: Players are evaluated on their skills and tactics and ranked in relation to their teammates at the end of the fall season by their team's professional trainer. These evaluations are updated, if necessary, immediately prior to tryouts. 
  • Tryout Results: The club holds tryout sessions each spring, run exclusively by professional trainers, during which players' skills and tactics are again evaluated. Tryouts also allow for players new to WMSC Travel (from REC or out of town) to be evaluated.

The Process:
Once the above data have been compiled, members of the WMSC Travel Committee (comprised of WMSC board members) and the director of the club's professional training organization analyze the two data points in accordance with the following process and considerations:

  • Fall rankings carry more weight than the tryout results but are not determinative.
  • Because commitment and teamwork is of great importance in developing competitive soccer teams as well as in furthering individual player development, trainers/coaches are directed to record player practice and game attendance on fall evaluations. Attendance may be referenced during the formation process when data points indicate players whose skills and tactical understanding are similar.
  • The above information is compiled, reviewed and analyzed to form teams and the WMSC Travel Committee oversees the process to ensure adherence to the process. 

Team Placement Notification:

Tryout results for each age/gender group are posted on our website by each player’s tryout number. Player names will not be used so it is imperative that you make note of the number your daughter/son is assigned at tryouts. (Suggestion: take a photo of your player with her/his number prominently displayed.) All tryout results for a given age/gender group will be simultaneously posted, by assigned team, in random order (i.e., they will not be in the order that they were ranked at tryouts). The tryout numbers for players who did not initially make a team will be posted as “wait-listed”. As the team formation process progresses players occasionally choose to decline their position on a given team, which gives other players an opportunity to move from the B team to the A team or from the wait list to a team, based on player overall ranking. Should your player be in the position to move, our posted results will be updated and you will be notified via email ASAP.

All U8-U14 players accepting a roster spot on a team must pay the full fall season fee upon acceptance. All U15-U18 players accepting a roster spot on a team must pay the full spring season fee upon acceptance. If initial payment is not made within 48 hours of the offer, your child’s spot may be offered to another player. This initial payment is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. 

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