Spring 2017 Practice Schedule | West Morris Soccer Club

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WMSC Travel: Spring 2017 Practice Schedule  

practices begin the week of April 3rd

2008 B1 Revolution India Brook Tue/Thur 4.30-6pm
2008 G1 Dolphins India Brook Mon/Wed 4-5.30pm
2007 B1 Strikers India Brook  Tue/Thur 4.30-6pm
2007 B2 Gladiators India Brook  Tue/Thur 6-7.30pm
2007 G1 Sparks India Brook  Tue/Fri 6-7.30pm
2006 B1  Vipers Chubb Upper  Mon/Wed 4.30-6pm
2006 B2 Ninjas Mosle Wed/Fri 4.30-6pm
2006 G1 Blue Ravens Chubb Upper  Tue/Thur 4-5.30pm
2005 B1 Thunder India Brook  Tue/Thur 6-7.30pm
2005 B2 Tornados Mosle Tue/Thur 4.30-6pm
2005 G1 Rebels Chubb Upper Mon/Wed 4.30-6pm
2004 B1 Force Mosle  Wed/Fri 6-7.30pm
2004 B2 Mustangs India Brook  Mon/Wed 6-7.30pm
2003 B1 Warriors Mosle  Tue/Thur 6-7.30pm
2003/04 G Lightning Chubb Upper Tue/Thur 5-6.30pm
2002 B1 Nighthawks Chubb Lower  Mon/Wed 6-7.30pm
HS Girls   Chubb Lower  Tue/Thur 6.30-8pm
HS Boys   Chubb Upper Tue/Thur 6.30-8pm