Carding Process | West Morris Soccer Club

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General Information
It is vital that parent coaches/managers follow the below procedures to get approval of travel team rosters and player cards (also referred to as “player passes”).  The New Jersey Youth Soccer Association (NJYSA) is responsible for reviewing and approving player passes – not WMSC and not whichever league your team plays in (MCYSA, JAGS, MAPS, etc.). Review and approval is done by a District Commissioner (DC) employed by NJYSA and typically takes place in mid-August.
Because many families tend to scatter for vacation once schools let out, particularly in August, it is STRONGLY recommended that parent coaches collect ALL the carding paperwork prior to the start of summer, review it for errors, and seek corrections if needed. Even if just a single entry on one document from one player is incorrect, the DC will reject the entire team’s packet without approval. No passes, no play. Once ready to go, the paperwork can be held by the parent coach/manager until it is time to be submitted.

  • All carding documents can be found by clicking on the document tab to the left of the home screen, then click the travel forms tab.
  • Please be sure to read all the forms' directions carefully. Some forms require parent’s and player’s signature.
  • Player’s name must appear on all forms and the player’s pass exactly as it appears on the birth certificate. No middle names or initials should be included on forms.
  • Only black ink should be used on documents.
  • Our LEAGUE is Morris County Youth Soccer Association, our League number is 12.
  • Our CLUB is West Morris Soccer Club, our club number is 9642.
  • Player/team numbers are not assigned until after you have entered the information into the GotSoccer website. You will then need to enter them manually on to the player membership forms.

Required Documents & Actions
Parent coach documents:

  • A copy of their F license
  • A copy of their online concussion training certificate (link to online course available on our website under “Safety”)
  • A 1”x1” recent “headshot” picture on PHOTO STOCK PAPER
  • Coach membership form
  • SAGE form
  • Questions regarding concussion online training/F licensing can be directed to Mark Spies

Player documents:

  • Player membership form
  • SAGE form
  • Medical release
  • A copy of the player’s birth certificate
  • A 1”x1” recent “headshot” photo on PHOTO STOCK PAPER

Creating Rosters on Got Soccer:

  • All teams MUST be rostered through Got Soccer.
  • Prior to the beginning of the season, all travel coaches will receive a sign-in identification/password for Got Soccer along with directions to roster your team in the Got Soccer system. You will receive this information via email from WMSC's League Contact, Jesse Johanson.
  • All questions regarding Got Soccer or team rosters should be addressed to Jesse Johanson (

Member Passes:

  • Blank member passes for use as player and coach passes will be distributed to parent coaches by Jesse Johanson in July/August.
  • Jesse will provide directions on how to print the final roster and the player/coach passes from Got Soccer – each player’s name must appear EXACTLY as it does on the player’s birth certificate. No middle names or initials should be included.
  • Questions regarding carding should be directed to Jesse (  

Submission of Carding Packet
BEFORE submitting carding packet be sure to have the following:

  • 3 copies of the team’s Got Soccer roster

Each player should have the following paperwork paper clipped together:

  • Printed player pass with the 1x1” picture glued on to the BACK corner
  • Player membership form
  • SAGE form
  • Medical release
  • A copy of the player’s birth certificate

Each parent coach should have the following paperwork paper clipped together:

  • A copy F license certificate
  • A copy of online concussion training certificate
  • Printed coaching card with the 1x1” picture glued to the back top left corner.
  • Volunteer coaches form
  • SAGE form

The outside of the carding packet envelope should have the following information printed on it:

  • Club name:  West Morris Soccer Club
  • Team name
  • Age/gender
  • League Contact name and email address (Jesse Johanson,
  • Parent coach name
  • Parent coach email address
  • Parent coach cell phone number

BEFORE dropping off any carding packets:

  • Be sure to double-check all paperwork.  Any paperwork not complete, with incorrect information, missing forms, missing rosters, missing pictures, missing signatures and so on will cause the entire packet to come back WITHOUT being approved.  These guys are sticklers so be careful.
  • If you have any questions, contact Jesse BEFORE dropping it off -- he will check your paperwork to be sure everything is in order.
  • Email Jesse to let him know your packet is complete and ready for drop off at the DC’s
  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a coach personally contact the DC.  Simply drop off the paperwork in the designated box.  You will receive an email as to when it is ready for pick up.  This point cannot be stressed enough.  The only person who can contact the DC is the club’s League Contact.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS!